The Pentagon's JEDI Contract | The U.S. could be granting Soviet Israel access to all of the Pentagon's most sensitive data

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Project (JEDI) is a future Pentagon software development whereby Pentagon data will be transferred to one commercial cloud-based database from the many separate servers that currently store Pentagon data. “Top military secrets will be transferred to the Jedi cloud, including classified details about weapons systems, military personnel, intelligence and operations.” (Clegg, Rana) Proponents state that it will make military operations more efficient due to the cloud giving military personnel “instant access to all of the latest intelligence.” Furthermore, Pentagon military think tanks like MITRE Corporation have been warning “that if the Pentagon’s IT system is not updated urgently, then the US will “lose the future war.” MITRE is a non-profit corporation that “operates multiple federally funded research and development centers.” (The MITRE Corporation) MITRE and the probable Israeli Mossad information technology front company Ptech provided …

Robert Maxwell, Promisgate, and the advent of the Israeli cybersecurity industry

After the Nazis lost World War 2, the Allies freely expropriated and reproduced German technology while Germany was left in the ashes. Stolen German technology included  “synthetic rubber, synthetic lubrication oils, for synthetic fiber-and textile production, diesel motors, optical inventions, heavy printing presses, wind channels, in which speeds of up to 8.000 km/hr were achieved, infrared target instruments, cassette players, electric condensation machinery, durable fruit juices, machines for wrapping chocolates, sugar made from wood, synthetic sapphires for watches, synthetic glimmer, non-running durable stocking stockings for ladies, machines for the production of butter, which produced 1,500 pounds of butter per hour, quartz watches, cellulose products, a multitude of pharmaceutical products, insecticides, cyanides for rust protection and as a substitute for zinc chrome, artificial leather, plastics, colour photography, sewing needles, an innumerable profusion of of precision i…